Rescue and Jessica

Written by Patrick Downes & Jessica Kensky & Illustrated by Scott Magoon

Rescue and Jessica had to start all over again. Slowly but surely, they learned how to do all the things they needed to do. Together.


Based on a real-life story, the book follows the story of Jessica and her service dog Rescue. The back of the book has more information on the training and abilities of service dogs.

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ability / service dogs

The Black Book of Colours

Written by Menena Cottin & Illustrated by Rosana Faría

Thomas can’t see colours, but he can hear them and smell them and touch them and taste them.


The Black Book of Colours features raised black line drawings on black paper which allow you to touch them. Accompanying the drawings are descriptive imagery of the colours and braille letters to accompany it. The book also features the braille alphabet.

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King for a Day

Written by Rukhsana Khan & Illustrated by Christiane Kromer


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ability / race

The Princess and the Fog

Written and Illustrated by Lloyd Jones

Once upon a time, there was a Princess. She had everything a little girl could ever want, and she was happy. That is until the fog came…


The story follows a princess who has depression. Throughout the story, ‘the fog’ (depression) comes and goes despite her parents trying to make her happy. In the end, it is talking to someone that starts to help her.


The back of the book has a parent/caregiver guide on depression developed by clinical pediatric psychologists.

Lesson Plan/Discussion Guide
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ability / depression