It Feels Good to be Yourself

Written by Theresa Thorn & Illustrated by Noah Grigni

No matter what your gender identity is, you are okay exactly the way you are. And you are loved.


This story follows Ruthie a transgender girl and the gender identities of the people around her including Alex and JJ her non-binary friends.


The back of the book has a list of helpful terms to know, a note about pronouns and helpful resources.

Lesson Plan/Discussion Guide
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gender / race / ability

10 000 Dresses

Written by Marcus Ewert & Illustrated by Rex Ray

Lesson Plan/Discussion Guide

This book is about Bailey, a transgender girl who dreams about making dresses. Bailey is ridiculed for wanting to make and wear dresses by everyone in her family until she runs away from home and finds someone who accepts her for who she is.

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gender / race

From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea

Written by Kai Cheng Thom & Illustrated by Kai Yun Ching & Wai-Yant Li

Lesson Plan/Discussion Guide

This book is about Miu Lan, a gender creative child who cannot decide how to present when they go to school. They shapeshift from having feathers to spikes to scales, all while dealing with bullying from their peers. The constant throughout the book is their supportive mother who loves them no matter what.

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Jacobs New Dress

Written by Ian & Sarah Hoffman & Illustrated by Chris Case

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My Princess Boy

Written by Cheryl Kilodavist & Illustrated by Cheryl Kilodavis & Suzanne DeSimone

Lesson Plan/Discussion Guide

This book is about a young gender creative Black boy who likes the colour pink, wearing dresses, and dressing up like a princess. The book is written from the point of view of the boy’s mother and encourages children to think about how they will act if they “see a Princess Boy”. 

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gender / race